Volume 1 - Issue 3
Using Weblog In Cooperative Learning To Improve The Achievement of History Learning

This research investigates the used of Weblog in Cooperative Learning to enhance students’ learning of History. The main issues of this study were the lack of interest and low achievement scores in History learning. The objectives of this study are to explore the incorporation of Weblog in Cooperative Learning within the teaching and learning activities of History. This study also examined the effectiveness of Weblog Cooperative Learning in improving students’ understanding of a subject and creating an atmosphere of achievement. Past researches suggested that by using Weblog in Cooperative Learning improved the learning of History. The study highlights the teaching and learning of History in a blended learning environment by using Wordpress as a learning platform and Cooperative Learning as a teaching and learning method. The samples are 37 students from a Form 3 class who have basic computer competency in a Malaysian public school. The instruments used for this quantitative study are Pre-test, Posttest and survey questionnaire.
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