Volume 1 - Issue 3
Bridging the Gap Between Experts in Designing Multimedia-Based Instructional Media for Learning

The research identified and explored the cognitive knowledge among the instructional multimedia design and development experts comprising of multimedia designer, graphic designer, subject-matter expert and instructional designer. A critical need exists for a solid understanding of the factors that influence team decision making and performance in order to identify interventions that can affect the decision making process and improving performance. The knowledge shared by the team was categorized into three groups of multimedia design principles encompasses of basic principles, authoring principles and design principles. The research methodology involved quantitative and qualitative methods. Initial phase began with the modified Delphi technique which involved a selection of experts and the list of principles in multimedia design. Next phase, the interview session involved four selected experts to verify the list of principles and obtain detailed information. Predominantly, the research presented the Shared Knowledge Multimedia Design Model (SKMD). The research outcomes significantly benefit the Ministry of Education, teachers, students, instructors, designers and the field of instructional design instructional design. Hence, quality multimedia learning products can be produced.
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